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3DMJ Podcast #167: How To Keep Progressing

One of my favorite things about being on the @team3dmj podcast is simply having the opportunity to be in the same "room" as really smart, experienced, and overall great people. I always learn a ton, leave with new perspectives, and truly have a blast! Come join us and I know you will, too!


What are other forms of progress besides increases in load and added reps? ⁠⠀


Nick, Brad, and Alberto discuss different kinds of progress and what someone can do if they’ve plateaued.⁠⠀


How does Alberto continue to make progress this far into his bodybuilding career? ⁠⠀


What can you do to jump-start progress if you’ve plateaued in your strength and/or muscle mass? ⁠⠀


Why do we occasionally like to do high-rep training blocks? ⁠⠀


What should we take into consideration when choosing our exercises?⁠⠀


If you feel stuck and need new metrics to gauge progress or strategies to help you break past your current sticking point, this episode will be extremely helpful.⁠


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