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3DMJ Podcast Ep 138: Bodybuilding Dads

The whole growing up thing and starting a family can be quite scary and difficult, but man did having my parents, grandfather, and older brother in front of me the whole way make it easier. These are the best people I know. I'll never be half of what they are, but I look forward to following the path that they have cleared for years to come. . . Through the years, guys like Jeff Alberts and Brad J. Loomis have cleared similar paths for so many of us in the iron game. Take a look at them and you'll see just how much they value family. Through their combined years of mistakes made and lessons learned, they have become goldmines of knowledge. . . We've all made mistakes in training and nutrition that we learn from and move forward. I'm all for making mistakes and learning from them, HOWEVER when we're talking about values, principles, and family, we need to do everything possible to AVOID making mistakes. Screw ups like a binge eating episode or 30 set bicep workout will fade and pass, but a missed giggle from an infant or a missed game winning youth football touchdown are mistakes that last a lifetime. . . How do we avoid making the worst of mistakes? A good first step is to listen to and learn from those who have been through it and who are walking the walk. It was an honor to chat with these gentlemen who I've learned so much from and who have saved me in so many ways. This episode of the 3DMUSCLEJOURNEY podcast is "Bodybuilding Dads," but you don't have to be a "dad" to benefit from it. If you have a family that you truly value and love, but still want to chase your dreams, this episode is for you. . . I am not a bodybuilder...I am a father, a husband, a son, and a brother. Now it's time to finish this post and go upstairs to my wife and 8-week-old daughter...because these moments are fading fast and once they're gone, they're gone forever. I WANT YOU TO DO THE SAME. Stop what you're doing and go tell a family member that you love them. A call, a text, or a hug is all it takes. Trust me. What could be more important? . #naturalbodybuilding #bodybuilding #weightlifting #powerlifting #team3dmj #3dmusclejourney #3dmj #dad #father #bodybuildingdads

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