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Are Deadlifts Safe?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Be sure to check out my article featured in the spring/summer 2019 edition of the National Gym Association's quarterly magazine, NGA NATURAL MAG! Always an honor to contribute to the magazine. . . So are deadlifts safe? If you think about it, a proper deadlift is basically a loaded hip hinge and the hip hinge is foundational of all movements that involve bending over or squatting. Remember that there are many variations of the deadlift. Unless you're training for a powerlifting meet, feel free to try several different variations to find what feels best. . . In my opinion, the elderly are one the most underworked populations. We tend to be hesitant to challenge the older population, but why? The deadlift teaches proper abdominal bracing while controlling the hips and pelvis as well as trains the often-neglected posterior chain. What could be safer or more functional? . . Don’t think deadlifts are safe? Ok, just make sure you don’t: -Pick up that spoon you dropped on the kitchen floor. -Sit down in that chair at work. -Lean forward over the sink to brush your teeth. -Load the dishwasher. -Bend over to pick up your baby from the floor. -Unload those groceries. -Shovel snow. -Put on your socks and shoes. -Etc., etc., etc.? . Hopefully you get my point. No matter if you are an athlete or a great grandparent, you are essentially “deadlifting” multiple times throughout the day, so why not train it, strengthen it, and perfect it? . . FULL ARTICLE out at link below!

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