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Athlete Case Study

I know what you're thinking...

Dr. Nick, we've heard you on podcasts, we've read your blogs, and we've seen your Tinder profile (I can be 6'4" if I want to)...we get it:

-Rule out red flags

-Pain does not always equal tissue damage

-Strengthen through graded exposure to desensitize the pain response

-Avoid quick fixes

-Respect the journey of the recovery process

-Promote independence over dependence

-Always consider the cultural, emotional, and social aspects of the human condition...

Yea, yea... we get it. But what does it all mean? What does it actually look like in practice?

Be sure to check out the first of many case studies on the @team3dmj YouTube channel! Today is about a female powerlifter with low back pain. As always feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or inquiries!

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