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Be Aware of the Narratives Attached to Anecdotes and Observation

Anecdotes and observations are great, but they are taken too far when false narratives are used to explain what we observe. . Observations include: High reps burn fat. . Spinal manipulation decreases pain. . Foam rolling decreases muscle tightness. . . What follows the "because" is where it becomes dangerous... High reps burn fat because they give the muscles more definition and accelerate fat loss. . Spinal manipulation decreases pain because it adjusts spinal segments and realigns joints. . Foam rolling decreases muscle tightness because it breaks up adhesions and scar tissue. . . False narratives give patients "problems" that require us to fix. Before you know it, continuing education courses, books, and mentoring programs are built on an unstable foundation of nonsense. No one stops and questions the information, which causes the unintentional spread of misinformation to the masses. Things die hard when time and money are involved. . . Think about this... I'm standing with you in a room. I ask you to close your eyes for 10 seconds. When you open your eyes, I am on the other side of the room. Your observation is that I was on one side of the room and now I'm on the other. If my narrative was that I hovered above the ground and floated to the other side of the room, how would you know if it were true? . . Anecdotes and observations are useful to explore our environments and spark interest for further examination, but beware of our narratives and above all else...always question! . Thank you so much for watching!

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