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Discussion and Q&A With Jacob Templar and Nick Licameli

Really cool to collaborate with Jacob Templar of The Strength Guys for a discussion and Q&A session! Coming together within and across professions is EXACTLY what both healthcare and fitness so desperately need. Thank you for all the questions and please keep them coming for next time! Enjoy Part 1!

In Part 1 we talk about: -My background and my role at 3DMJ

-Navigating the “information age” in fitness and healthcare

-Working side by side with coaches

-Our general approach to pain and injury reduction and management

-How does our approach change when treating general population patients vs. athletes and when providing care online vs. in-person? What about our approach stays the same regardless of the population or method of delivery?

-Importance of connecting with people through empathic listening

-Most common injuries seen in bodybuilders and power lifters

-Considerations for bodybuilding vs. power lifting seasons

Thanks for watching!

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