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You’ve Got Some Nerve: Simple Training Modifications to Decrease Sciatic Nerve Irritation

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

For a moment, imagine pain as a moving car.  How do we stop it?  FIRST, we take our foot off the gas. THEN we hit the brakes. The order here is key. Stop the stimulus that is causing the car to accelerate and then slow the car down with the brakes. No matter how new and shiny the brakes are or how cutting edge your technique is for hitting the brakes, you’ll meet resistance if you don’t first take your foot off the gas. . . Sometimes coping with pain has less to do with adding flashy treatment systems, injections, or medications and more to do with modifying what already exists. Not sure if he actually said this, but it has been said that when talking about the statue of David, Michelangelo (not the Ninja Turtle) said he started with a stone and simply chipped away everything that wasn't David. . . Be sure to check out my recent blog post where I offer some simple ways that we can take our feet off of the gas when dealing with sciatic nerve irritation. . . ATTENTION: Intense pain radiating down the leg is usually a RED FLAG and should be checked out by a professional.  If you have these symptoms, stop reading this and continue reading it in the waiting room of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Full article at the link below!

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