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You Better Have Evidence to Support Your Claims

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

If you're going to make claims, you better have evidence to support them. I had an experience with a home water filtration salesman this past week that I thought I'd share. To be honest, I truly think the salesman meant well, but those are the most dangerous types of people...the ones who spread misinformation and don't know they're doing it. At the end of the salesman's pitch, I asked how long we had to make our decision. His response was, "Right now because this deal won't be available tomorrow." Figured as much... . . The issue I had with the salesman is the exact issue that infects healthcare and fitness alike: Making claims without supportive evidence to instill fear and urgency in order to make a sale. . . Here's my story (starts to get good at 4:40)...

. Whether it be a doctor, trainer, mechanic, or water filtration salesman, always question the source of information. We don't question to try to make people feel stupid, we question to learn! We're not trying to call people out or expose them, we're just trying to come together to be less wrong with scientific evidence as the binding agent. . . Thank you so much for watching! . . #naturalbodybuilding #bodybuilding #weightlifting #powerlifting #physiotherapist #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #clinicalathlete #3dmusclejourney #3dmj #team3dmj, #evidencebased

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