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How we define our goals makes all the difference.

What are your goals? This cliché is one of the most important questions to answer and audit from time to time. Reflecting on WHY we do what we do defines success and recognizes progress. Two people can objectively achieve the same things, but one may be disappointed and one may be delighted. Everything boils down to how we define our goals. . Think of a dart game. Someone who is unfamiliar with the rules is watching and wondering why no one is hitting the bull’s eye. “Wow, these guys are trash,” they may think to themselves. However, the players seem quite satisfied, slapping hands and giving words of praise. Why the different interpretations? The bystander’s goal is to hit the bull’s eye, but the players’ goal is to hit certain numbers around the board. Different goals…different outcome. . I have the unique perspective of being a physical therapist and a bodybuilder, which allows me to see similarities in the principles and philosophies of both worlds. . Say a patient’s goal is to be “pain free.” If by week 4, the patient still has the same 4/10 pain as Day 1, BUT is now squatting to a deeper depth, at a higher RPE, and with higher loads, I’d say that’s progress! If however, the patient is set on being pain free, all that beautiful progress will be lost to a misguided goal. . Take a bodybuilder who has a goal of winning a pro card. If after 5 years of competing, he/she hasn’t won a pro card, but has competed with less obsession, less food focus, less relationships broken, and more time with loved ones…I’d say that’s a HUGE win! If the competitor were blinded by the pro card goal, he/she would have failed to see all of the leaps of progress off the stage. . Pain and pro cards are inconsistent multifactorial “things” that are not worth basing self worth around…it’s like aiming at a moving target. The way we define our goals will ultimately be the instrument used to measure our success and progress. It will be the lens through which we view the outcomes of our accomplishments. By changing the goal, we change the result. Keep reflecting on your goals and keep the goal the goal! . Thank you Baby Ava for the help!

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