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Life, Lifting, and the Gift of the Patient Experience ft. Seth Queler, MD & Nick Licameli, PT, DPT

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Dr. Seth Queler (@sethrquelermd). Not only is Dr. Queler one of the most sought after orthopedic surgeons in the tri-state area, he is also a great guy, good friend, and a member of the Iron Game! He really walks the walk, embodies the health and fitness lifestyle, and has built the best physique of his life into his 40's.


In the conversation that follows, we talk about:

-Our backgrounds and how we got into training

-Our professional careers

-The importance of practicing what we preach to our patients and embodying a healthy lifestyle

-Our motivations, both initially and currently

-The importance of helping others on their fitness and life journeys

-Balancing our different roles (family, fatherhood, professional roles, etc.) and how training can enhance all aspects of who we are

-Our experience with building and training in our home gyms

-Dr. Queler's recent experience going under the knife and experiencing the patient perspective firsthand


I hope you enjoy! Huge thank you to @sethrquelermd for taking the time to chat!





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