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Should We Put Chocolate Sauce On Broccoli?

So should we put a little chocolate sauce on the broccoli so the child will eat it? Is no broccoli better than broccoli and some chocolate? . . In this “Information Age” that we find ourselves in today, it is not uncommon for patients to have prior expectations, thoughts, and beliefs about certain conditions. On the one hand the massive quantity of information consumption is great because it makes the consumer more knowledgeable and more powerful than ever before. On the other hand, if the information is poor quality, it leads to the massive consumption of misinformation, false narratives, and the adoption of poor habits. . . So as evidence-based practitioners, do we put some Rock Tape or Kinesio Tape on the weekend warrior that is demanding it because his bother’s friend’s uncle’s sister’s dog groomer said it worked? Do we do a quick joint manipulation to the person that is convinced he/she is out of “alignment?” Do we mobilize the sacrum of the person coming in set on the fact that his/her SI joint isn’t moving correctly? Do we “release” that tiny “overactive” muscle that is 5 layers deep because it always helps when another practitioner does it? . . If empathic communication, presentation of evidence, and logical common sense don’t do the trick and there is no risk of harm to the patient, I don’t think adding a few drops of chocolate is such a bad thing. If we spend 98% of our time strengthening through progressive overload and graded exposure to functional tasks and 2% of our time on the other stuff, we have succeeded. . . If I go to high class restaurant and order a filet mignon well done with white wine, I’m almost positive there is a chef in the back pulling his/her hair out. “It’s madness! How can I ruin a perfect cut of beef like that!?” The chef knows best, but he/she understands that the customers have individual preferences. As long as the food won’t be harmful (raw or undercooked chicken), the chef bends and meets the expectations of the customer even though he/she knows better. . . Educate. Reverse false narratives. Be evidence-based, but don’t be afraid to add a few drops of chocolate as an entryway if you have to.

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