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What's In Your Head

Where does your mind go? What do you think about when you train? Is it a Rocky training montage? A scene from Pumping Iron? A motivational bodybuilding Youtube video featuring Ronnie Coleman performing bent over landmine rows without actually bending over, rowing, or completing a single rep? Do you picture scoring a touchdown for your high school football team? Do you picture your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and let lust and vanity drive you? Do you picture yourself on a stage by yourself, holding a sword in the air? Do you picture the “haters” and doubters and channel your energy into an anger-fueled rage complete with grunting and slamming of weights? Do you train as if your life depends on it? . I can say that throughout my training career, all of those thoughts have entered my head while training at one point or another…EXCEPT THE SLAMMING OF THE WEIGHTS!...I’ve never done that… . As life goes on, we change. Our voice deepens. We grow hair in places that were once bare. We learn what a mortgage is. We learn what love is. Then we learn what actual love is. And if we’re lucky enough, we learn how to approach training and nutrition. We learn the holistic, multi-faceted, and long-term reverence of the journey of bodybuilding. . Needless to say, my thoughts while under the bar have changed. Today, my mind is in a much quieter and poised place. I think about my training similarly to @3dmj_godfather. Jeff compares his training to the unflashy and methodical way that Tim Duncan plays basketball. Tim Duncan banks shots off the backboard and keeps a cool, calm and collected demeanor while on the court. When I train, I picture the sickening poised technique of Jeff Alberts, @rpdrmike, @mattogus, and many more. They don’t give a damn about ego and their training is almost meditative rather than an adrenaline fueled session of unleashing hell on the iron. . I no longer try to “crush it” or go “balls to the wall” while training. I aim for that controlled chaos…that disgustingly collected and meditative state. I greet pain and fatigue as an old friend and revel in the moment. I am not at war, I am very much at peace. . What’s in YOUR head?

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