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Whether Something is Good or Bad Depends on Who's Listening

Whether something is good or bad depends on who’s listening. The same information can be harmful or helpful, depending on whom it falls upon. . Is exercise technique unimportant because our bodies are able to adequately adapt to a wide variety of movement patterns or is proper form key to safe and efficient training? Is pain indicative of injury or is it a multifactorial phenomenon that usually doesn’t mean “danger?” I believe, it depends…and it depends on who is asking the question. In other words, it is population specific. Here’s why… . Am I going to tell an energetic hormonal teenager hopped up on pre-workout from GNC that he bought with his brother’s ID who just learned how to parallel park and is interested in weight lifting that technique doesn’t matter as long as we increase resiliency through graded exposure? No. I would explain that proper form is a bit of an individualistic spectrum and while we should not fear movement, we should definitely respect it. Once we get a solid technique base, then we can talk about individual variability. . Similarly, I wouldn’t tell our hormonal teenager fueled by Rocky and Ronnie Coleman training montages that pain isn’t indicative of injury. I would explain that some pain should be respected, while other pain can be worked around. In my opinion, the best educators know their audience. So remember, everything is population specific. In healthcare and fitness, avoid speaking in absolutes because what can help one can hurt another. .


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