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Who Can You Trust In Fitness?


Misinformation from untrustworthy resources is insidiously infecting both health and fitness, leading to broken promises, false expectations, inaccurate claims, and physical and mental injury. . . Simon Sinek tells us that trust is a feeling and as with all positive feelings, it has to be earned, it evolves, and it takes a series of actions to prove that one is worthy of trust. Trust cannot be dictated. . . Much like love, trust is a feeling that is hard to explain, but one thing is certain: you know when you feel it…and you know when you don’t. . . Stephen Covey so beautifully explains that “trust and fidelity work the same in business as they do at the home: it takes years to build up, seconds to destroy.” . . In this episode, Andrea Valdez, Alberto Nunez, and myself discuss how trust is formed, signs of a trustworthy resource, current issues with content creation and social media, some red flags to watch out for when deciding whether or not to work with someone or buy a particular product, and how critical thinking and emotions play roles in the formation of trust. . VIDEO LINK: . #Team3DMJ #dedication #desire #discipline #3dmusclejourney #naturalbodybuilding #powerlifting #bodybuilding #figure #physique #bikini #strengthandconditioning #weightlifting #3dmjpodcast #physiotherapist #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #dpt #injuryreduction

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