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“Dr. Nick Licameli is someone I respect tremendously as a professional, but more importantly, as a human being. Core to his personal philosophy is humility, open mindedness, a drive to learn, become better, and most importantly to help others and pay it forward. I’ve personally benefited from his guidance and he’s an integral component of Team 3DMJ. He stays up to date with the latest evidence, but always considers the individual. Healthcare would be immeasurably improved if there were more Nicks in the world!”

Eric Helms, PhD, CSCS

Chief Science Officer and Coach at 3D Muscle Jounrey

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"I'm pretty snobby when it comes to other people writing on my site, but Nicholas Licameli has been a long-running contributor and has provided an abyss of actionable content to help people feel and perform better in the weight room. 


What I appreciate most is that he keeps things simple and never talks above the reader's head. He's an excellent coach and clinician and one of the good guys - no agenda other than to help people get better."


Tony Gentilcore, CSCS

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"It is with much enthusiasm that I write to recommend the services of Nicholas Licameli. Nick’s knowledge and expertise in fitness and physical therapy is beyond his years. His writings on health and fitness provides in-depth knowledge with concise concepts and easy assimilation. Nick speaks and writes from his heart with his only concern of helping and benefitting his clients to be the best they can be both in the gym and in every day life." 

Andrew Bostinto

NGA President & Founder

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"I was dealing with supraspinatus tendinopathy and a quad issue which meant I couldn't train upper or lower body. I had tried traditional physiotherapy prior to this but it was of no use in getting me back to lifting weights. I found out about Nick from the 3DMJ on Instagram and I knew that each of the coaches knew their stuff.

I had my apprehension about online therapy but Nick made sure that I had my doubts resolved during the initial call. He went thoroughly over how the injuries happened and what provoked them and helped design a program that would allow me to work around them.

I have to admit I pestered him with a lot of progression emails and queries. But he always got back to me and motivated me. We made quite a few adjustments on the way to the end goal because some exercises would still provoke the pain.

Because of the adaptation we reached over this period, I am now able to train normally on almost all exercises. I am really grateful for all the guidance he has given me and helped me getting back into the training process. I was really scared prior to this that it would never be the same again. But Nick made sure it wasn't the case."


"Nicholas was a huge help in my recovery from my knee injury. After battling with it for months, resulting in just taking time off training completely, Nicholas immediately had me back to squatting and deadlifting with modifications to make them pain free. Within a short time, I was back to full training pain free all thanks to him. He also empowered me with information about the current science and thought behind pain that helped me reframe how I would address aches and pains going forward."


*Permission was granted by these individuals to share. As with all testimonials, they are not to be taken as medical advice or as a means of marketing medical services. Naturally, outcomes will vary.

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